Debt bondage has been described by the United Nations as a form of modern day slavery


Kolhapur, Maharastra ( Kishor Abitkar).

Debt bondage has been described by the United Nations as a form of “modern day slavery” and the Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery seeks to abolish the practice.

The practice is still prevalent primarily in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, although most countries in these regions are parties to the Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery.

It is predicted that 84 to 88% of the bonded labourers in the world are in South Asia. Lack of prosecution or insufficient punishment of this crime are the leading causes of the practice as it exists at this scale today.

In Kolhapur district well known for progressive thoughts is not aware how Shankaracharya Math of Karveer is still practicing it.

For 3 generations farmers in Darvad a village near Gargoti have to serve like sheduled cast people in Kolhapur Math. When they refused Shankaracharya leaved on each family fine of Rs.30000.

This is reality of a village which is adopted by Revinue minister of Maharashtra. So no collector or S.P. dares to take any action. Even a tahsil P.I. refuses to register a complain.This was told to press by a social activist Dr. Subhash Desai from Gargoti here today.

Sharad Kalaskar’s statement is part of the 9,235-page additional charge-sheet filed by the SIT in November before a special court in Bengaluru. It details how he and Vaibhav Raut, a key accused in Nallasopara arms haul case met Punalekar at his office in Fort, Mumbai, in June-July 2018.

Kalaskar has told SIT that Rishikesh Deodikar alias Murali, another key member of the outfit and who is still at large, had instructed them to do so after Amol Kale’s arrest in May 2018 (Kale was the commander of the group that was targeting ‘evildoers’. Police say his arrest sparked panic a month the remaining members.)

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